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Opening of new wing at Lemlem School


EE board members Thomas Baumann, Tatjana Meier and Lesley Stephenson discussing project issues with Lemlem School teachers. (Photo: Robert Bellamy)

Best of British is over, and the feedback from our audiences was excellent.  If you missed these great evenings in Miller’s Studio, you still have a chance to experience this highly entertaining and wonderfully organized event. If you work for a company with lots of English-speaking employees, what about suggesting to your events planner that they hire Best of British for a company conference or other suitable event? We will supply all the necessary staff, infrastructure and catering at very reasonable prices!

Now our tireless EE team is busy preparing for the opening of the first wing of the rebuilt Lemlem School, which will take place on October 5th. 800 children will move into 8 new classrooms in 2 shifts, and will have a floor under their feet for the first time in their school years. The Ethiopians love to party, and this celebration promises to be awesome.

You can contribute to this celebration week in several ways, e.g. by donating a package of NEW ballpoint pens (every student will receive a new pen), by making a donation towards a fruit meal for the entire school on the transfer day or towards exercise books for the students. And if you want to do something personal and unique, you can help us by joining us in Ethiopia for the week of October 4th – 10th for a life-changing work experience. The possibility to assist with the move and all it entails at Lemlem school is open to our EE members and long-year supporters. Please contact us at NOW if you are interested in working with us at the school in October.

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