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Water Action in Mohoni

With the drought in many parts of Tigray continuing, particularly in the area of Raya Azebo in which Mohoni is situated, EE’s emergency support for the community is continuing. Water is being delivered at regular intervals to the town’s five schools so that the children can drink at least enough to function. The following letter from EE project manager Melkamu Abate shows how the community has reacted to our help. EE board members Lesley Stephenson, Thomas Baumann and Tatjana Meier will fly to Ethiopia this evening to monitor the situation in the coming days and to discuss other emergency action with the local government. Watch this space for their reports in the coming days.

Melkamu Abate’s letter:

“Dear Lesley and Thomas,

I am writing to tell you about the water supply activities accomplished so far and a message from Kiflom regarding EE’s recent support action to resolve the water shortage the Mehoni community has faced.

As we discussed over the phone these last ten days, I have been trying to reach schools in Mehoni area that have serious shortage of water due to the lack of rain. I have now reached out to the three elementary schools and the two high schools in Mehoni town. We have so far provided all these schools with a total of nearly 50,000 liters of water. Because of the smallness of containers/water tanks/ available in two of the elementary schools, we have been forced to transport water there every two to three days using containers. We are providing these when their tanks are running out of water. All the schools have appreciated the actions EE has taken to help the school children to get drinking water.

In our latest meeting with him, Kiflom has asked me to provide the following THANK YOU message to you. He also asked me to remind you to pass it on to all EE members who are involved in this very human action. He has told me to sincerely express his gratitude and thanks on behalf of the Raya-Azeba woreda people, particularly the people of Mehoni town and its surroundings to all members of Ethiopian Enterprises for the compassion and the wonderful support that came just in time for the children. According to his point, the supportive action EE has implemented in the schools is helping them to avoid a dreadful crisis, and to get time to focus on a better solution which the local government is undertaking in collaborations with the Tigray regional government authorities. He said that they are working day and night to bring about a fundamental change for the water shortage they have encountered. He still requests your continued support in the forthcoming struggle they are making against this challenge until they get back on track.

Let me stop here for now. I will report you the developments we come across as we go about the work.

Thank you for your help and for everything you are doing.

Melkamu “

Tigray threatened by ongoing drought

For the first time in the 8 years we have been working in Tigray, there was virtually no rain at all during the July/August ‘wet’ season in several parts of the province, including Mohoni. During our visit a month ago, there was one day of very good late rain, but this was not enough to fill the new rainwater tanks or to make up for an entire missed wet season. To make things worse, two weeks ago some of the pipes at the town water source broke due to wear and tear. This meant that the drinking-water tanks we installed at the school last year simply ran out of water. While the local government is doing its best to handle this additional crisis, there was a complete lack of water at the school and in the community for several days. We all know how serious this is in a harsh, dry climate. Small children cannot survive without water for more than a very few days.

Ethiopian Enterprises reacted fast to this news.  With the help of our wonderful donors we were able to finance the transport of water to Mohoni last week from a reservoir in another, less affected area. The water tankers supplied the children at ‘our’ school as well as at the four other schools in the area – a total of over 8’000 students – with drinking water supplies which would last for several days. This emergency measure was facilitated by our local project manager, Melkamu Abate, as well as members of the regional government.  As the drought continues, however, we will clearly have to repeat this action several times in order to ensure that children don’t literally die of thirst before the town can mend its system and/or the next rain arrives. 

If you’re able to help us  finance this crucial additional support for Mohoni during the drought, you can make a donation to Ethiopian Enterprises earmarked ‘Mohoni water’.  Three of our board members will return to Mohoni next week to monitor the situation as well as to deliver training workshops for both teachers and students.  As always, they will pay all their own costs for the trip and their stay in Mohoni as all donations to Ethiopian Enterprises go fully to our projects.

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