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Progress at Mohoni School

EE board member André Cardinaux has made a short film (10’49”) showing the opening of the first new school buildings at Lemlem Baro School. What a difference!

Happy Birthday, Ethiopian Enterprises

This week Ethiopian Enterprises turns 6 years old. So what better time to have held our information apéro?

On Wednesday, January 6th – Epiphany and the eve of Ethiopian Christmas Day on January 7th – our board members joined a group of EE members, donors and their friends for an evening of celebration and information. Apart from presentations on both EE projects in Northern Ethiopia, we were treated to a film made by board member André Cardinaux of the opening of the first new  buildings at our school project in Raya-Azebo. In addition, two of our 2015 volunteers to our school project (Oliver and Marlen Benz) reported on their experiences.

At the end of the evening,  board member Lesley Stephenson and supporters Julia and Stephan Vollert presented EE president Thomas Baumann and other board members with a wonderful birthday cake. The delicious Schwedentorte was made by the clever bakers at Confiserie Bauer at Albisriederplatz, Zürich, and was decorated with the Ethiopian flag in icing and marzipan, a real artwork. Thank you, Confiserie Bauer!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our long-year, hardworking event volunteers: Maria Baumann, Alois Baumann, Karin Broeckelmann, Gke Intharotjana, Gabriela Stocker, Stella Braunschweig, Louisa Everett, Pascal Baumann, Deborah Keller, Cathy Aicardi, Catherine Kennard, Anna Penninger and Carolyn Guler; our members and donors for their faithful support of our projects; and those who joined us at our school project site in 2015 as volunteers. Our work in Ethiopia over the past 6 years would not have been possible without this wonderful collective effort. 

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