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Good news from Mohoni

Lesley Stephenson has reported from Mohoni that the rains have finally arrived in full in our school project area, after an almost total lack of rain in last year’s wet season in large parts of northern Ethiopia. For the past two weeks there has been heavy rain every day in the Mohoni area and many other parts of Raya.

‘Although everything is muddy and difficult at the school as a result of the heavy rain, no-one is complaining. In any case the children are on ‘holiday’ so it’s not a major problem. If we just get another week or so of rain, the terrible cycle of drought which has affected this region so cruelly will be broken. And there will certainly be a harvest in September.
Thank you to all those who provided additional funds and support through our emergency help program over the past nine months, or during the water supply breakdown in Mohoni at the beginning of the drought last autumn. The Lemlem Baro community has asked me to send you their heartfelt thanks. They find it hard to believe that people who don’t know them were willing to support them at such a desperate time.’ Lesley Stephenson

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