EE Info-Apéro 2018

Given the feedback we’ve received over the past two weeks, our annual info-apéro on May 17th was a resounding success. Following our members meeting, first-time guests received an outline of EE’s mission and working principles from president Thomas Baumann. This was followed by a presentation of our work with schools in Raya-Azebo by Mehoni project leader Lesley Stephenson. Donors and members were delighted to hear of the project’s expansion and progress over the past year, as were our visitors. One guest attended the event in order to decide whether she and her childrens’ school would hold an event on our behalf. Following the presentation, she told us happily: ‘I am totally convinced. We will go ahead with our event.’

At the end of the Mehoni presentation, Thomas Baumann returned to our initial project in Hagereselam, delivering a brief update on our recent, positive visit to some of the model farmers in the area.

Having organized the administration of the event, board members Thomas, Lesley, André and Tatjana were able to relax and interact with all of our visitors, thanks to the support of our wonderful team of helpers. The latter prepared and served the apéro, covered the tasks at reception and manned the Wall of Wine and our Ethio-Shop. Our grateful thanks go to: Alois Baumann, Maria Baumann, Caroline Barlow, Jonathan Boroski, Gke Intharotjana, Patricia Leichtfried, Bettina Rinaldi, Beat Schaffner, Christoph Stocker and Julia Svozil.

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