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New brochures available…!

New brochures on both our projects are now available in both English and German. If you are planning an event or attending a gathering at which you could display or hand out the brochures, please let us know so that we can arrange to deliver them to you. The rebuilding of a big school includes all sorts of start-up costs, and we are grateful for all donations, larger or smaller.  And a reminder: ALL donations made to Ethiopian Enterprises go directly to our projects as administrative costs are covered by our board members.

neuer prospekt hagereselam

neuer prospekt mohoni

A New School for Mohoni

The first completed section of our Lemlem School project was inaugurated last week in Mohoni. It was a proud day for the school, and the event was attended by members of the local government and even a representative of the cantonal government. EE board members Lesley Stephenson and André Cardinaux represented Ethiopian Enterprises, and two further Swiss guests joined them as helpers for the student transfer. One was a high-school student who is writing her Matura paper on the school, and she did very well. 

It took two full days to transfer 800 students from grades 1-4 into the new classrooms. It was the first time that the students had been given definite seats, and this was very new for them. However, with the help of André Cardinaux’s desk plans, and support for the teachers provided by the Swiss group, the transfer went fairly smoothly.

The school’s garden committee proudly displayed their first perma garden, produce from which they are already selling to provide school maintenance funding. And the local government also announced the good news that electric power will be provided for the area in the near future. Electrical installations have already been prepared in the new buildings.

Mohoni had very little rain during the recent wet season, and this was a source of deep concern for the community and the visitors from EE alike. Imagine their joy when they were contacted during the journey back to Switzerland by project manager Melkamu Abate and told that Mohoni had just received it’s best rain day of the season. 

The big moment has arrived!

EE board members Lesley Stephenson and André Cardinaux will fly to Ethiopia tomorrow to help organise the opening of the first new school buildings at Lemlem School in Mohoni next Tuesday, October 5th. The school community is very excited and all sorts of activities are planned. Transferring 800 of the school’s 1400 students into clean new rooms in which they will have a floor under their feet for the first time ever will be an organisational challenge, but with the excellent teaching team working with our members and their two guests, we’re sure it will go smoothly.  We’ll be posting the photos when the group returns.

How can you help the school? Well, there are many ways. What about organising your own small fundraising event, like a dinner party at which your guests make a donation in lieu of flowers or chocolates for the host? And don’t forget our lovely EE Xmas cards. Available with Season’s Greetings or German equivalent, these elegant cards have a picture from our Hagereselam project on the front, and tell the story of the picture on the back. There is also a blank version available for use throughout the year.

Our special Earlybird offer is just CHF 4 for single cards, and a pack of all five subjects for just CHF 15, a 30% saving on the regular price. Cards are packed with envelopes and sent by post with a payment slip. Order now from:, giving us your name and address, card types (German/English Christmas message and story) or without Christmas message. Your  payment will go fully to our projects.


Balancing Act

If you don’t have ladders, make your own platform! That’s what construction teams in Ethiopia do, and our workers in Mohoni are no exception. As the undercoat is painted in the new Mohoni schoolrooms, a balancing act is going on at the same time. And believe it or not, the scaffolding used by workers on HIGH-RISE BUILDINGS in Ethiopia is made in much the same way: branches are attached together and the workers climb all over them with amazing agility.


Opening of new wing at Lemlem School


EE board members Thomas Baumann, Tatjana Meier and Lesley Stephenson discussing project issues with Lemlem School teachers. (Photo: Robert Bellamy)

Best of British is over, and the feedback from our audiences was excellent.  If you missed these great evenings in Miller’s Studio, you still have a chance to experience this highly entertaining and wonderfully organized event. If you work for a company with lots of English-speaking employees, what about suggesting to your events planner that they hire Best of British for a company conference or other suitable event? We will supply all the necessary staff, infrastructure and catering at very reasonable prices!

Now our tireless EE team is busy preparing for the opening of the first wing of the rebuilt Lemlem School, which will take place on October 5th. 800 children will move into 8 new classrooms in 2 shifts, and will have a floor under their feet for the first time in their school years. The Ethiopians love to party, and this celebration promises to be awesome.

You can contribute to this celebration week in several ways, e.g. by donating a package of NEW ballpoint pens (every student will receive a new pen), by making a donation towards a fruit meal for the entire school on the transfer day or towards exercise books for the students. And if you want to do something personal and unique, you can help us by joining us in Ethiopia for the week of October 4th – 10th for a life-changing work experience. The possibility to assist with the move and all it entails at Lemlem school is open to our EE members and long-year supporters. Please contact us at NOW if you are interested in working with us at the school in October.

Best of British for Mohoni school

If you want to see what the Best of British events have been organised for, then have a look at this interesting film (08:41) about the kids and the school in Mohoni!

2014 yearly report now available

Geschäftsbericht EE 2014Thomas Baumann has recently completed the yearly report on Ethiopian Enterprises’ activities in 2014. The richly illustrated report provides a detailed overview of all that EE achieved in its fifth year in Hagereselam as well as a detailed preview of our new school project in Mohoni. Click HERE for pdf-file (only available in german language)

Further progress in Mohoni…

Mohoni project leader Lesley Stephenson has just returned from Mohoni. She reports that the rebuilding of Lemlem School has made further progress. The first buildings will shortly be roofed, and the excavations and foundations for the second construction phase are already underway.  The local government has almost completed the new rainwater channel around the school perimeter which will divert the heavy flow of rainwater away from the school grounds and prevent rainwater-induced erosion. All the assignments which the school had been asked to fulfill by the end of March had been completed.

EE board members Thomas Baumann and Lesley Stephenson will return to Ethiopia in May with two further EE members for the official bi-yearly reporting visit to Hagereselam and Mohoni.


Excellent progress in the past month

Prize day (2)_1000px

Construction work in Phase 1 of our Lemlem School project has made wonderful progress. At last week’s yearly prize giving at the school, the parents and members of the local government commented on the high building standard, as EE project manager Melkamu Abate reports:

‘So many of the parents came to me and asked me to greet you. They wanted me to give their thanks to EE and its supporters for all they are doing. Members of the Woreda (local government) came to inspect the building and expressed their full satisfaction with the high building standard. Meaza and Kokeb and the construction team are working very hard indeed. And whenever there is a need for unskilled workers, the community jumps in.’

building work (5)_1000x665

If you can help this crucially important ‘model’ project, please make a donation to Ethiopian Enterprises/Mohoni on our “DONATIONS” page.

building work (6)_1000x665

We’re underway!

On February 6th, the big day finally arrived. The rebuilding of Lemlem School in Mohoni began with the beginning of the first building phase. This will comprise two classroom blocks (eight classrooms in all) and roof-water collection tanks, plus a playground and the school garden. The pictures below show part of the excavation work which involved the entire school community: parents, teachers and older students.

sand ,stone and excavation_1000px

 channel work undergoing2_1000px

 work on the foundation (3)_1000px

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