Holmes Place, a big-hearted sponsor

Over the past five years since we began work in Raya-Azebo on our school projects, Holmes Place fitness centre in Zürich has been a generous supporter of our efforts. Earlier this year they contributed a wonderful collection of sports shoes and clothes to our school community in Mehoni. This material was used to reward community members and students who were making special efforts, and also as prizes at our prize giving celebrations.

Now Holmes Place have joined Dufry and other generous sponsors in contributing prizes to our summer raffle which will be drawn next week on September 11th. 6 1-day passes await some of our lucky winners, enabling them to access the excellent training and wellness facilities at Holmes Place Centres free of charge for an entire day. You are assured of a great day if you are lucky enough to win one of these prizes. The passes will be valid until the end of 2019 giving you plenty of time to plan your day. Many thanks to Holmes Place for its kind support.

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