They're on their way!

P1000302Phew! After weeks of collecting books, and 2 weeks of cleaning up, covering and packing the books and other urgently needed school materials, the first transport phase took place this morning. The boxes are now on their way to Zurich airport, and the EE office is looking strangely empty. We are all relieved that the giant preparation phase has come to an end, and want again to thank the many helpers who contributed their time to getting everything ready, and all those who donated books or other school materials. Special thanks to Mothering Matters who helped with all aspects of the book drive right from the beginning, and of course to DHL and their partners who have made this undertaking possible.
Peter Rabbit has been following progress throughout. He’s very excited that books about him are included in the sending, and hopped into the transport truck this morning in the hope that he could drive the books to the airport himself. Our friendly driver had to tell him that this wasn’t possible, but let him take a quick turn behind the wheel.  Now he’s hoping that he can fly with Lesley to Ethiopia next week to meet ‘his’ books and all the others when they arrive in Mohoni towards the end of April. We’ll keep you informed of our progress!


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