A word about donations...

Finally, a word about how donations to Ethiopian Enterprises are allocated to our various projects:

Currently Ethiopian Enterprises finances four separate activities.
1.  Lemlem Baro Elementary School, with its new Early Learning Center currently under construction
2.  Marsa Elementary School, our second elementary school, currently under construction.
3.  Raya Scholarship Program
4.  EE Emergency Fund (emergency food or water distribution, emergency health care, etc.)

Donors are welcome to specify an activity for which they would like their donation to be used when making their donation. The latter will then be dedicated to that activity. Donations can also be made without a specific target activity which allows us to dedicate that donation to where it is most needed. But no matter whether a donation is specifically dedicated or not, one thing remains the same in all cases: all donations are channelled in full into our fund. There are absolutely no exceptions to this as our board members cover all administrative expenses of our association privately, and pay all expenses involved in project visits themselves.

If you would like to cover a specific item yourself, or give a friend a donation as a Christmas gift, here are just a few of the items we urgently need and the unit cost price. Every item donated helps us and our community greatly.

1.   50 exercise books for orphans: CHF 18
2.   20 teachers’ marking pens: CHF 25
3.   Kindergarten student chair: CHF 28
4.   50 kilograms of millet to feed a family of 5-6 people for a month: CHF 35
5.   Primary school integrated desk and seat for three students: CHF 85
6.   Kindergarten table for 6 students in our Early Learning Center and 1st grade classooms: CHF 140
7.   Work table for teachers’ staffroom: CHF 85
8.   Cupboard for Early Learning Center: CHF 95
9.   Climbing bars for playground: ca. CHF 100
10. Fruit day for 1500 students (each student receives an orange or banana): CHF 400

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