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is a recognized tax-exempt charity founded in 2010 and dedicated to making a significant contribution to the end of poverty in rural Northern Ethiopia. With the help of our members and donors, we finance projects which support the development and education of farming communities in drought-prone Northern Ethiopia. All projects must contribute to the sustainable development of Ethiopian society and its economy.

Ethiopian Enterprises Board Members 2023/24:

Thomas Baumann
Lesley Stephenson
André Cardinaux


Our work is based on the following principles:

  • Ethiopian Enterprises is denominationally neutral.
  • We only support projects in which women and men have equal status.
  • Donations made to Ethiopian Enterprises are channelled in full into our projects in Ethiopia. The administration of our association is done on a voluntary basis, and our board members cover all administrative costs and expenses.
  • We provide our members and donors with clear, direct and regular feedback.



If our projects and principles appeal to you, please help us by becoming a member or donor of our association. Thank you for your support! Payment of membership fees (CHF100 per year) and donations can be made directly to the Ethiopian Enterprises bank account:

Region Ägerital-Sattel
Postfach 463
6314 Unterägeri

IBAN: CH95 8080 8006 0377 9375 5
Swift: RAIFCH22

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