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Lesley with Lemlem students
Old school building from the outside
Students in one of the old classrooms
Two old school buildings
Students in an old classroom
Old classroom from the inside
Students in old classroom

The vast majority of schools in Ethiopia are public, government-run schools. Due to a shortage of both teachers and classrooms, students are taught in half-day shifts, and classes are generally over full. In addition, there is a chronic shortage of money to finance school maintenance costs. This means that after a few years, school buildings show serious weather damage and severe wear and tear. With time, facilities can no longer be optimally used.

Ethiopian Enterprises’ board members have recognized that this situation can be changed, particularly in rural areas where many schools own generous tracts of land. For that reason, we have taken on an ambitious project to rebuild and mentor a disadvantaged public school in the rural town of Mehoni in northern Ethiopia.

Lemlem School is attended by 1400 students and has a staff of over 40 teachers. Until recently, all classes were held in improvised huts made of branches and mud, and hygiene at the school was in a critical state due to lack of water. But this is now changing.

While Lemlem may be poor, it has the potential to become self-supporting and to provide an important model for other rural schools. In order to realize that potential, we are rebuilding the school around a comprehensive rainwater-collection system in collaboration with local authorities. The water will be used to nurture vegetable gardens and orchards on the school’s land, produce from which will be sold to finance school maintenance. Rebuilding is under way and the first new classrooms are already in use. In addition, we are providing training for the school community in maintenance procedures.

This exciting project will create an optimal learning environment for students at Lemlem. And your help will ensure that other rural public schools in Ethiopia will have a self-supporting model on which to build their futures.

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