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The Raya Scholarship Program began in Mehoni, Northern Ethiopia, in the school year 2017-2018. The program is about to begin its fourth year with the coming Ethiopian school year, 2020-2021.

Students in our scholarship program are selected on the basis of strict criteria from the communities which lie within our project region in southern Tigray. The students’ academic performance as well as their economic/social circumstances are core factors in the decision process. All scholarship recipients are carefully monitored for school attendance and results, and regular meetings between the students and the local scholarship leader help to ensure that students can discuss problems which may arise for them. This is particularly important as many scholarship recipients are full or half orphans and do not often have a trusted adult contact.

Students currently receive a monthly allowance of ETB 600 (CHF 20) which enables  them to pay the rent of a room close to their school, or to help support their families if they are still living at home. Most of the students’ parents are illiterate and unable to earn more than a scant living. They often have poor health. The allowance means that the students can work less or not at all at casual jobs during the school semester while still contributing to whatever income their family may have.

The monthly payout process has been organized and delegated to a trusted and responsible community member and teacher who makes the payments in cash. Students  sign for their payments on an official list.  Given our 6-year experience in the government school system of rural Ethiopia we are confident of our contacts and of the payout process we have selected.

Sponsorship Costs

The cost of sponsoring a school student for a single school year is CHF 300. For details of all costs covered by this sum, please contact Ethiopian Enterprises at info@ethiopianenterprises.org.

And of course, if you would like to make a donation to this program without sponsoring a student, this will be gratefully received. Simply mark your donation to Ethiopian Enterprises as STIP and it will be added to the dedicated scholarship fund. 

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