"Beautiful Birds" at Lemlem Baro School

On February 15th, our new Arts&Crafts Center at Lemlem Baro School was opened officially with a student art exhibition under the theme of ‘Beautiful Birds’. Three of us were present in Mehoni for this special event, and we worked hard with the students in the week prior to the exhibition to finish the exhibits on which they had been working for weeks.

The quality of the students’ exhibits was very high, especially given that most of them had never done any artwork of their own until a few months ago. Our resident art teacher has worked hard with the students and we found out that we have many students at the school who are highly talented in this area.

Some of the work was bought by members of the public, and the students were very proud to receive their share of the money paid for their work. Teachers and students from other schools also visited the exhibition over the four days it was open, and the feedback was extremely positive. Many of our students thanked us individually for providing the school with an art room and also asked us to pass on their thanks to the many EE friends who had provided art materials over the past few months.

We are always grateful for biro pens (new), colored pencils (can be used), water paints and other decoration items like gold and silver paint. Have a look at the pictures and see just how well they did, including our three most talented students who were allowed to create bird masks and open the exhibition as ‘beautiful human birds’.

By the way, the ‘luxury birds’ exhibit of four colorful birds was mounted on one of our classroom stools turned upside down. The legs were the perfect size to be inserted into the wrapping-paper rolls used for the body, and the faces were made of egg cartons, cut and covered in plaster tissue and then decorated. We loved them!

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