Emergency relief in Raya

For the past two months Ethiopian Enterprises has been raising funds for hygiene articles and emergency food supplies for our project region of Raya in southern Tigray. But it was only thanks to the tireless efforts of our manager Melkamu Abate and his colleague Solomon Seilu, a lecturer at Mekelle University, that we were able to ensure that the money was spent wisely and that the goods we financed were correctly allocated. Melkamu and Solomon were supported on their many trips between Mekelle and Mehoni by driver Haftom Amare, and helper Lewte Godifay. With the money raised so far we were able to supply 8 health centers and 1 quarantine shelter in our region with hygiene products and examination equipment, and to provide over 1300 high-risk families in the Mehoni area with a month’s food supply.

As you can see in the pictures, the allocation of millet was organised carefully to maintain physical distancing in a region where masks are not available except to health-care workers. Our helpers divided the larger sacks of grain into smaller portions and laid them out in the compound of Lemlem Baro School which was the storage and collection centre for our supplies. Workers were ready to help lift and carry grain for older or weaker recipients back to their homes. Families with 1-2 members (typically older people) received 25 kgs of millet and 1 litre of cooking oil, which will last for a good month. Families with 3 and more members received 50 kgs of millet and 1 litre of oil. Lemlem Baro gardener Wolde, the foreman of our Kindergarten construction team Abrha, Lemlem Baro teachers Fitsum and Haftom, former Lemlem Baro student Abel, and our school guard Afera all helped with the organization of the handouts, masterminded by manager Melkamu. Our thanks go to all of the above and to those of you members and donors who have supported our relief effort. We couldn’t have provided this additional assistance without your help.

We would love to be able to say that now all is good. Unfortunately that is not yet the case. Due to the enforced closure of markets, there are at least another 1’000 families in our region in desperate need of emergency food supplies. So far the area has not received any help from government supported NGOs or national Ethiopian organizations which have the mandate to help in such cases. We are addressing this unacceptable situation and will keep you informed of our progress.

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