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Not just another school

Finally! Lemlem School in Mohoni is now the official second project of Ethiopian Enterprises.

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It all started in 2012. Members of EE’s board and some friends donated teaching materials to a destitute school in Mohoni, Ethiopia. The group was inspired by the courage of the teachers and 1250 students who have worked for years in makeshift buildings with few school materials. In 2012, the school had no water supply, and the students used outdoor toilet pits with no hand-washing facilities. Many children were ill due to dehydration and hunger.

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EE members recognised that Lemlem had the potential to become a model rural school. It owns a large tract of farming land and its teachers and parents want to use this to grow market produce. The income from produce sales will be used to fund maintenance costs. But this can only happen when the ‘classrooms’ have been rebuilt and the prerequisite rainwater-harvesting scheme has been established.

(Photo: Robert Bellamy 2014)

(Photo: Robert Bellamy 2014)

On New Year’s Eve, Lemlem School in Mohoni was named an official EE project. Can you support us? Please make a donation to Lemlem and help this courageous school become a sustainable¬† model rural school.

Two Days in the Life of Hagereselam

During their last trip to Ethiopia, Lesley Stephenson and Thomas Baumann interviewed some of the farmers of Hagereselam about their daily lives and aspirations for the future. These interviews were filmed, and the resulting ‘Two Days in the Life of Hagereselam’ was a resounding success at our EE event in Zurich last September. The film is 20 minutes long and spoken in English and Ethiopian.

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